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There’s no denying the benefits of massage. No matter the words we use to describe it – pampering, stress relief, therapeutic, rejuvenating – massage therapy (also called bodywork) can without a doubt contribute to your overall health, peace of mind, and feeling “young” and full of vitality.



Health experts estimate that stress leads to ninety percent of disease and ageing effects. How easy it is to become overworked, tired, stressed and anxious, but how often do we make the time to counteract all of that with the healing benefits of massage.

At GAIA BODYWORK & WELLNESS, we offer an abundance of bodywork treatments to benefit your body, mind and spirit and keep you healthy. From 60 to 90 minute massages using various different techniques to more intense 90-minute focused treatments on a specific area, custom bodywork or special “back to health” packages of several treatments, we’ll take complete care of you. Following our commitment to your health, all of our oils and lotions are 100% organic and made in Costa Rica.



 Dolores "Gaia" Aviani

staff DoloresShe has always felt a deep attraction to the natural cycles of life, especially those of humans. Her curiosity to understand this immensity led her to study Psychology in her home country Argentina, many years ago. This path opened up many doors, her exploration of Meditation, Religion, Metaphysics, Theosophy and the History of Culture and continue to greatly influence her spiritual and personal development. That is how she arrived to the study and practice of Massage, Bodywork, Yoga and Biomagnetism Therapy, now in 15 years having accumulated over 1.000 hours of study between the three. Dolores´ formation in Massage Therapy has been with many teachers, mostly from North America. Her training has been in multiple disciplines including Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release and Neuromuscular Therapy. She has also studied with renowned Yoga teachers from different schools mostly in Anusara, Iyengar and Ashtanga. Her passion is Anusara with its biomechanical basics and fundamental principles. Through these pursuits She has developed a deep understanding and connection to the body which enables her to offer a very holistic treatment. Looking at body´s posture, movement patterns and emotional cycles that reside within each of us, she is able to treat chronic pain, injury and imbalance. Most recently she got a Diploma in Biomagnetism Medical Therapy and Bioenergetic in Puebla´s university, Mexico.



 Sebastian Campanile

staff sebastianEvery step of the way, Sebastian´s development as a bodyworker has been informed by a therapeutic and human emphasis. His interest and study of Massage Therapy began 17 years ago while simultaneously pursuing a degree in Anthropology. He has studied many different modalities beginning with Deep Circulatory Massage and healing techniques through movement with Eutonia and Sensory Perception. Many years he has spent investigating and working with Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release and Soft Tissue Bodywork, all of which have enormously enriched his skills.
He has been honored to study with multiple international teachers in Argentina, Colombia and Costa Rica, accumulating over 800 hours of instruction. His years of experience enable him to give a Holistic approach in his work and attend to the individual needs of every client. Other interests that influence his life and work deeply are Music/Percussion, Yoga, Dance, Martial Arts, Crystal Healing, Alternative Therapies, Permaculture Design, and most recently, receiving two certificates: in Cranio Sacral Therapy in Ecuator and Visceral Manipulation in Peru.


Gaia and Sebastian live with their family of three children. They constantly work together, sharing knowledge and experiences as Therapists. They desire and work hard to provide the best they can in their holistic healing practices, helping a wide range of international clients that come to Costa Rica. In 2014 Sebastian and Gaia designed this complete menu, based on their extensive experience as Bodyworkers. It is offered to you, their clients, who are their real teachers.

Josette Mora “Yoye”

staff Josette

Native of Santa Teresa, Costa Rica in 1994.
Nature and beach lover since remember.
She got more than 1.000 hours program in a International Institute in San José , try to fullfill her dream and to become a Massage Therapist and Esthetician.
Her passion keeps growing, working every day with her clients in our Wellness Center.
Josette has a fresh energy, She is dedicated to her profession and still leaving close to the ocean and being inspired by it, day by day, as it was when she born. 

Marcela Brenes

staff Marcela

 A native Costa Rican, worked in the States from 2002-2006. While there she studied at the Texas Massage Institute, a highly accredited school in Texas to obtain her massage therapy license. Once licensed by Texas, she went on to San Diego to practice her craft for three years at the Electric Chair Salon, a trendy San Diego hot spot. In 2006 she returned to her roots to live life ”Pura Vida” style. She was the lead therapist at the Yoga Spa Natural Tropico Latino resort in Santa Teresa for six years. In 2012, she decided to make a change and came to the Gaia Bodywork & Wellness. There she performs a wide range of massage techniques and bodywork manipulations from relaxing Hot Stone or Bamboo massage to Advanced Sports Injury Deep Tissue treatments, as well as energy work such as Polarity and Reiki. Marcela is a very spiritual person and loves living a pure clean life in a little house on the beach being as close to nature as possible.

Sofía Collazo "Sophie"

 staff Sofia

Sofía was born and grow up in south of Argentina. She moved to Buenos Aires to start her formal education.
She graduated as a Physical Therapist from the University of Buenos Aires and dedicated herself to her profession for five years in areas such as Trauma, Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Postural Reeducation. Since the beginning of her profession she was interested in body work and holistic techniques.
After living for 14 years in the big city traveled to Costa Rica, in 2011, in search of a change, a more simply and healthy life style to be closer to nature.
In this almost 3 years of living in this beautiful place, she is been able to practice surf and yoga, and grow more as a masseuse.
She has worked in different hotels of this area and since 2 years ago she is part of Gaia Bodywork & Wellness”.

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