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The SPA is a multi-disciplinary team of very qualified and well trained therapists and bodyworkers with the mission to offer the most customized quality treatments and services.

Each one with their one light, specialties and skills, sharing together knowledges and experiences.

Gaia Bodywork and Wellness Team

 Sebastian Campanile

Sebastian´s development as a bodyworker has been informed by a therapeutic and human emphasis. His interest and study of Massage Therapy began since 1997. He has studied many different modalities of bodywork and healing techniques. Many years he has spent investigating and working with Deep Tissue and Myofascial Release. He has been honored to study with multiple international teachers all around Latin America. His years of experience enable him to give a Holistic approach in his work and attend to the individual needs of every client. He studies and practices Cranio Sacral Therapy since 2013.