5 Tips for traveling to Costa Rica in 2021

Written by Georgia Atkin

According to a group of 150 Spanish travel consultants, Costa Rica is one of the 5 most favorable international destinations to visit this summer.  In the Study of perceived safe destinations, Costa Rica not only ranked fourth as the top international destination but was also considered the top destination in the Americas.   While the pandemic is still top of mind and very present in our daily lives, the urge to travel remains so here are 5 tips for traveling to Costa Rica in 2021.

The principal reasons that the experts consider Costa Rica a great place to visit for vacations include:

  • Management of the pandemic (86%)
  • Flexible travel offers (64%)
  • Nature and Open spaces (63%)
  • Connectivity and accessibility (27%)
  • Image and reputation (21%)
  • Sustainability (7%)

They are all good reasons to put Costa Rica on the top of your travel destination list!

Let´s look at 5 tips for traveling to Costa Rica in 2021!

1.Requirements to enter Costa Rica.

It is actually very easy to enter Costa Rica!  It opened its doors to international travel again on the 1st of August 2020 and hasn´t looked back since.  More and more happy travelers have visited Costa Rica from all over the globe and the tourism industry is beginning to shine again.  Pranamar Oceanfront Villas and Yoga Retreat is just one example of a happy hotel and it has been able to reprogram a number of yoga retreats for 2021 as a result.

Costa Rica has some basic requirements to enter the country which include completing an online questionnaire, purchasing health insurance for the duration of your stay from an authorized provider, and of course, a ticket to leave the country.  Easy, right?

These are the present requirements and are subject to change at any time and dependent on the pandemic dynamics.  For the most up-to-date information, look at the following link that will show in real-time any changes to entering and staying in Costa Rica.   Pranamar sales staff will also be able to assist you with any doubts.

Costa Rica is wide open natural, spaces

2.Safe Travels

Costa Rica has received the Safe Travels Seal which means the safety and hygiene protocols are in accordance with the global standards implemented to face the pandemic.   This seal is an initiative by the World Travel and Tourism Council that worked alongside governments, industry associations, health experts, and with its members to create a series of standards to ensure the safety of its workforce and travelers.

Pranamar Oceanfront Villas and Yoga Retreat has implemented a series of safety and hygiene protocols to ensure the utmost secure experience during your stay at the best beachfront hotel in Santa Teresa. This means you can focus on the important aspects of a relaxing, renewing, and refreshing vacation knowing that Pranamar has it covered.

3.Health System

Costa Rica´s health system has gained world recognition for the quality of its medical services and that it is public, covering everyone in the country.  Back in 1949, Costa Rica decided to abolish its army and invest in health and education instead. That decision has proved to be critical in Costa Rica´s success in dealing with COVID-19 as well as the overall health of the Costa Rican´s.

Part of the strategy has been to locate local clinics all over the country which means medical help is never too far away.   The network of clinics also corresponds to laboratories and pharmacies which are everywhere too.  This means that when it comes to getting a PCR test when you leave Costa Rica to return to your country of residence that requires this test, there will be a place nearby.

The Costa Rica Tourism Board is regularly updating authorized PCR testing labs and clinics so you can decide which one to go to when necessary.   Pranamar staff will happily direct you to the nearest place if you need to.

The Pranamar yoga Shala is open-air.

4.Boutique Hotels

Most of the hotels in Costa Rica have under 20 rooms which means the country is dotted with amazing, boutique hotels with just a few rooms.  This means that the shared areas like the pool, the restaurant, the reception will never be filled with many people.

Pranamar Villas is one of those hotels so you will never feel crowded. Furthermore, the river-inspired pool that runs down the middle of the property means is lots of room to lay down and take in the tropical sun and have a swim in the refreshing pool.  The restaurant is open-aired and during the summer months, is also opened up right by the beach guaranteeing fresh sea breezes under the palm trees.

What is also open-air and inviting is the yoga Shala that sits front and center at Pranamar. So, if you are staying at Pranamar for a getaway or at a yoga retreat, you will have space to move and lots of open-air spaces to enjoy.

Big, blue skies, fantastic surf waves and close to nature

5. Lots of wide open, natural spaces

And last but not least, Costa Rica is famous for its open, natural spaces.  There are lots of rainforests to explore, deserted beaches to conquer, mountains to climb, waterfalls to discover and waves to surf.  Lots of open spaces and fresh air are key to reducing infection so bring on nature!

Santa Teresa sits on the far southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula so just the destination in itself spells seclusion and off the beaten track.  This beachside town is small yet diverse, slow-paced yet big on the vibe.  Staying at Pranamar will make your time at Santa Teresa even better.  The long, white-sand beaches, fantastic surf waves, natural pools, and the big blue sky are part of the Pranamar experience.

So, 5 tips for traveling to Costa Rica in 2021 means that you are just a plane ride away from visiting a favorite getaway destination.  Come and see for yourself!