Escape the whites of winter for the greens of Costa Rica at the Tiki Bar!



When you paint a picture in your mind about the idyllic way to relax and enjoy the most amazing sunset on one of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica, the only doubt is what type of cocktail or a refreshing drink you will be sipping on while you are in paradise.  Pranamar Oceanfront Villas on the incredible Santa Teresa beach has the solution with their afternoon Happy Hour at the Tiki Bar.  Come and escape the whites of winter for the greens of Costa Rica at the Tiki Bar!

So, come to paradise and escape the cold of winter and bring on the blues and greens of Costa Rica that are vibrant and refresh your heart and soul and where better than on a beachside resort with a Balinese vibe where yoga and relaxation are the names of the Pranamar game?

Pranamar Villas is a beautiful property that sits on the white-sanded, surfers and beach lover’s seaside town of Santa Teresa that you will find on the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula on the Pacific Ocean coast of Costa Rica. This trendy, multi-cultural village is a haven for surfers, food lovers, yogis and searchers of the art of travel.  It also has one of the best sunsets that color the sky with spectacular oranges and pinks that are the prelude to the arrival of the moonlight.

Relax and enjoy! This is paradise!

Tiki Bar on the Beach

Thanks to this great location, the beach, and the sunsets are on your villa’s doorstep so all you need to do is walk a few yards to the Kava Restaurant and Tiki Bar, pick up a really delicious cocktail or drink and then sit down to watch the spectacle.

The great news about the Tiki Bar is that now the summer has arrived, this drinking hole has a Happy Hour so drinks are even tastier and even more refreshing!  From December through to April, this fantastic bar is right on the beach so get ready for some great afternoons in paradise where everything tastes better.

The Tiki Bar has a great selection of tropical cocktails that will be having you coming back for more as you share a great time with your friends or as you make new ones. Watching a sunset with a Margarita or a Mojito with touches of the sweetness of tropical fruits like mangoes or pineapples makes your Happy Hour even happier!

What`s on the Drinks Menu?

And a great afternoon cocktail from the Tiki Bar at Happy Hour is the perfect combination to a day of adventure, a day at the beach or before a fantastic dinner at the restaurant.  This is where you can celebrate summer with the taste of great cocktails, wines, beers and non-alcoholic drinks too. This is a Happy Hour drink for everyone!

One of the Tiki Bar favorites is the Crazy Coconut or as they call it here in the Tropics, El Coco Loco!  This is where fresh is taken to a whole new level. They cut off a coconut from the nearby tree and then add some rum and “voila”, you have your new happy place on the beach.

If this is a friend or family vacation and everyone is up for an afternoon cocktail, your best bet is a bucket of beers or a pitcher of Margaritas!  This means, everyone joins in on the Happy Hour fun and you can taste and share the love.

Santa Teresas Sunsets are Spectacular

The Pranamar Experience

Pranamar Villas is not only an oceanfront hotel that is focused on providing its guests an unforgettable experience while being immersed in tropical gardens, exotic, Balinese-style villas and bungalows and an inviting swimming pool that borders the living areas.   It also offers spa treatments where you can hear the waves as they meet the beach and daily yoga classes.

The property`s ambiance is one of relaxation and serenity where you are at one with nature that abounds within and around the hotel.   The Pranamar Experience also is sensorial when it comes to savoring the healthy and delicious food the restaurant has on the menu to be enjoyed.  So enjoy the tranquility of the day, before starting your evening of fun or just a tropical drink to farewell the sun.  Either way, this is the perfect way to end the day.

So, now that the summer season has begun, where better than Pranamar Villas at Santa Teresa to escape to paradise and fill your days with sun, surf, spa, and spectacular food and drinks.   Pranamar takes the bar to you while you enjoy the beautiful beach with their beach setup during the best months of the year so come and enjoy the Pramanar Experience and make that Tiki Bar Happy Hour the best hour of the day!

Article by Georgia Atkin