how-to-get-to-Pranamar-Santa Teresa-
how-to-get-to-Pranamar-Santa Teresa-
Just perfect! How to get here now

How to get to Pranamar Santa Teresa! Even the ride there is amazing!

Happy 2021 everyone! Pranamar Oceanfront Villas and Yoga Retreat at Santa Teresa, Costa Rica wishes you a great new year. May it be full of great memories, safe travels, and lots of laughter.

Pranamar Oceanfront Villas and Yoga Retreat is ideally located on the far southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula in beautiful Costa Rica. Part of the fun of Santa Teresa and Pranamar is getting there.  As you begin to plan your next vacation, we want to make it that much easier on how to get to Pranamar, Santa Teresa because even the ride there is amazing!

One of the many great things about Santa Teresa is that you can get there lots of ways which means, you will have the flexibility of creating a fantastic itinerary around your visit to Pranamar Villas. Let´s take a look at how you can reach paradise!

How to get to Pranamar Santa Teresa! Even the ride there is amazing!
White sand beach, palm trees. The perfect vacation!
  1. By Air:

The local Tambor Airport is located less than an hour away from Santa Teresa which is so convenient.  A number of local airlines have commercial flights into this airport that guarantees a scenic landing or takeoff as it is right on the shores of the Gulf of Nicoya with its island-studded waters.

Flying time from San Jose is about 30 minutes and depending on the domestic airline you choose, there are daily flights out of the Juan Santamaria International Airport or the domestic airport at Pavas.

The airlines that offer commercial and chartered flights between San Jose and Tambor Airport are:

  • Sansa Airlines: They fly out of the international airport and have been flying for 40 years. They fly in and out of 14 cities around Costa Rica and use Grand Caravans.  Their webpage is and you can book online too.
  • Costa Rica Green Airways: Have been flying locally for over 10 years and offer commercial and chartered flights. This Costa Rica run company has a varied fleet and they all are the distinctive Green Airways colors: Purple and white. Their webpage is: and your can book online.
  • Aerobell Airlines: Have planes and helicopters in their fleet and fly out of the local airport at Pavas, San Jose. They have been flying for over 30 years and are a true-blue Costa Rican company.  Their webpage is: and your can reserve online.
how-to-get-to-Pranamar-Santa Teresa-
Yoga on the Beach at Sunset!
  1. By Road:

The Nicoya Peninsula has a pretty extensive road network, and you can go from the Nicaraguan border at the far north of the Peninsula to Santa Teresa at the far south in a car without a problem.   Santa Teresa connects with the major cities on the Nicoya Peninsula including Nicoya, Santa Cruz, and Liberia which are the major gateways to the spectacular beaches, coastal tourist towns, and national parks.  You can also fly into the Liberia International Airport and drive down from there.

Santa Teresa is also reached by car from the ferry (we will talk about that below) wharf, the local Tambor Airport, the local bohemia beach town of Montezuma, and the Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve. All roads are in good condition overall and receive regular maintenance so get behind the wheel freely and you will reach Pranamar Villas easily!

Coming from San Jose, you will take Route 27 which is a tolled highway that takes you down from the Central Valley onto the coastal road to Puntarenas.  This is a really pretty drive down through the mountains before hitting the coast.  Puntarenas is where you will have to hop on to a ferry.  Keep reading!

  1. By Ferry

The ferry ride from Puntarenas to Paquera or vice versa is probably the most beautiful part of the trip to and from Santa Teresa.  This ride across the Gulf of Nicoya connects the Peninsula to the mainland so to speak and it is gorgeous.

The ferry ride across is about an hour long and it is comfortable with A/C inside although sitting outside on the decks offers the best views of the many islands, birdlife, and coastline in the distance.  Embarkation and disembarkation are efficient and you will not lose a lot of time driving off the ferry.

You can pre-purchase your tickets for the ferry, which is very recommendable, especially in the high tourism season.  You can also choose from a number of departure times throughout the day.  The website to buy your tickets is but you can see more about the ferry service at Both sites are in Spanish but they are pretty user-friendly.

how-to-get-to-Pranamar-Santa Teresa-
Delicious, healthy and fresh foods at Pranamar are fantastic!
  1. By Boat

There is a taxi boat service from the Central Pacific town of Jaco to Montezuma which will have you across the gulf in about an hour.  This will save you having to travel around the coast to Puntarenas and doing the crossing in the ferry and if you are traveling without a car.

From Montezuma, you can catch a cab to Pranamar Villas at Santa Teresa.  The taxi boat service can also be coordinated from Manuel Antonio. The websites for this service are:

This is a really easy alternative if you are coming from the Central Pacific or South Pacific areas of Costa Rica. The ride over is around $40 per person each way and saves you hours of travel time. It is also really scenic!

So, with all that information in mind, your trip to Pranamar Villas at Santa Teresa is easier! We can´t wait to see you whether it is for the upcoming Yoga Retreats or just to enjoy the paradisiacal property that sits on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.  See you soon!