The specialness of the Christian and Jewish holiday season has manifested in me a sense of love, grace, and gratitude. I believe that we are all One and all connected, and it matters not what we call our Consciousness, God or Supreme Being. At the delicious age of 65, I am feeling more and more optimistic that we humans will eventually find our way to peace, or at least peacefulness.

In my younger years, I imagined that I would somehow make a significant footprint on the planet, although I was not sure how or when. Now, 65 years into life, I realize that this will not happen in the way I suspected.

As a hotel owner, mother of the incredible yoga teacher, Nancy Goodfellow, and someone who has practiced yoga for more than 15 years, I have recognized that each of us can make a heartfelt impression around us. If we consciously practice non-violence, non-judgment, and extend love to people on a daily basis, we can change the energy vibration of the planet. I have watched guest after guest finish one of my daughter’s amazing yoga classes, and I have seen incredible transformations.

Pranamar Oceanfront Villas & Yoga Retreat on Santa Teresa Beach is the third hotel that I have built in Costa Rica. Its creation process was one of my greatest life challenges. In the end, the hotel came to fruition by the grace of an angel, whose act of love changed the course of my life. From this experience, I pledged to share the love and generosity that had been so graciously given to me with everyone who visited Pranamar.

At Pranamar Oceanfront Villas, we are a family of people who has committed to serving and sharing in the joy of life that I believe exists. There are always more beautiful places in the world to stay in. There are always more expensive and luxurious hotels. There are always more elaborate and detailed restaurants. Nonetheless, I absolutely believe that when you share with people from the heart when you honor and feel gratitude for the people you work with and those who visit us as guests, that these simple actions can change the lives of the giver and the receiver.

I know this is not your typical hotel Christmas message. Pranamar has been blessed by all of YOU. Thank you. We hope to serve you always with love, kindness, grace, and gratitude.

Although my footprints on the planet perhaps are not very visible, I think that if they exist, they reside in people’s hearts. I hope that my children, my family, my guests and my friends will not necessarily remember my hotels, but rather that they were loved by me.

The holiday season allows us all time to reflect and appreciate. I am humbled by the course of my life journey, and I am very grateful. To all of you … to all at Pranamar … I say THANK YOU!

From Pranamar Villas owner, Susan Money