rainy season beach vacations
Rainy season beach vacations are the best at Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.

Article by Shannon Farley

Rainy season beach vacations are the best.

Why? Because a rainy day at the beach is always better than a sunny day at the office. It’s especially good if that beach happens to be tropical and in Costa Rica.

Here in Santa Teresa Beach, it’s always warm, even when it’s raining. Temperatures range from 70 to 85 F (21-30 C) all year long. When it rains – a tropical balmy rain – it helps to cool down the jungle steaminess to a pleasant temperature that’s still warm.

There is nothing better than relaxing on a tropical beach in Costa Rica, and a big plus this time of year is that there are far fewer crowds. Another great advantage of rainy season beach vacations in Costa Rica is that most prices are much lower – for flights, hotels, car rentals, etc. – due to less demand.

Playa Hermosa, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica
Rainy season in Costa Rica doesn’t mean rain all the time. There are plenty of sunny mornings and afternoons.

It may rain really hard sometimes during the rainy season months of September and October, but rarely for very long. There might be a downpour in the afternoon or evening for an hour or two – or less – to refresh things, and then it’s glorious again. Mornings are almost always sunny. Or, it could reverse and you might get a misty morning and a gorgeous sunny afternoon with a full-color sunset. So, really, you could call rainy season a “slightly less sunny season.”

You came on vacation to relax, and a little rain helps you do just that. Stretch out in a hammock with a good book or take a nap. Join a relaxing yoga class. Enjoy a great meal in one of the many Santa Teresa restaurants and be entertained by nature’s show outside.

Pranamar villas santa teresa costa rica
When it rains at the beach in Santa Teresa, it’s hammock time!

When it’s raining, there’s no better spot than the spa. The sound of rain falling is incredibly soothing while you indulge in a deep-tissue massage, facial or body treatment. You’ll be in heaven! And studies show that spending time by the ocean positively affects your health and well-being.

Costa Rica gets its gorgeous flora and fauna not only from its extensive system of protected areas, but also from its annual rainy season precipitation. Costa Rican nature is even more stunning during rainy season – bursting with vibrant life and lushness.

Beach Santa Teresa
Sunsets in Santa Teresa are even better in rainy season with dramatic clouds and colors.

And you haven’t lived until you’ve witnessed a tropical downpour at least once. It’s an intense experience. You won’t believe how much water can fall from the sky – sometimes almost like a waterfall! When the rainstorm moves over the ocean, the lightning show over the sea is unforgettable.

So get your travel plans in gear, and see why rainy season beach vacations in Costa Rica are pure bliss.