Spa Treatments by the sea at Santa Teresa; the definition of paradise


Article by Georgia Atkin

Pranamar Villas offers an idyllic seaside setting for spa treatments with a view…

When we talk about Santa Teresa, we are talking about wellness in the holistic sense of the word: mind, body, and soul. This little beachside town nestled in the far corner of Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula offers the perfect setting for a unique vacation that ticks a lot of the boxes for an unforgettable getaway.  Spa treatments by the sea are one of those boxes at Santa Teresa. 

Let’s set the scene for this laid-back little corner of the world. Beautiful beaches, great waves, world-class eateries, endless summers, sunsets that take your breath away, amazing yoga retreats and boutique hotels like Pranamar Villas keep Santa Teresa on the world map year after year as a top destination.

The town’s vibrant main strip runs parallel to the spectacular white sand beaches and is as colorful and dynamic as its international residents and visitors. Needless to say, bicycles and surfboards are the two main forms of transport in this world-renowned surfer’s paradise.

This international flair is reflected also in a wide variety of restaurants and cafes that cater to even the most serious foodies. This melting pot of fresh, exotic flavors will make deciding where to go for breakfast, lunch, dinner and after-dinner drinks difficult; but come prepared for some inspiring culinary experiences.

A relaxing massage by a highly-skilled therapist while listening to the waves break against the beautiful white sand beach of Santa Teresa is paradise on earth.

Living side by side in harmony with the surfers in this coastal paradise are the yoga and wellness lovers. And what better place than Santa Teresa to be present in the moment and breath when you have this amazing backdrop.

Pranamar Villas offers yoga retreats for their guests at the perfect location of Hermosa Beach, which translates in English to “Beautiful Beach”. This Bali-style retreat exudes serenity and tropical relaxation. It is of no surprise that this world recognized hotel has an amazing spa with specialized treatments for everyone.


With a tropical backdrop, treat yourself to a spa treatment that will revitalize and cleanse

With a focus on wellbeing in a natural setting, the Pranamar Spa offers many treatments to revitalize and cleanse. The use of organic, local products and a team of highly-skilled therapists are vital to the Spa’s philosophy of ensuring a unique experience.

The spa treatments have been thoughtfully selected and prepared to include massages, body exfoliations and wraps, therapies, facials, and nail treatments, among others. Pranamar’s pa experience is holistic in the quality of the treatments and in an ideal setting that will leave you with a sense of relaxation, rejuvenation, and harmony.

A manicure by the sea to relax your body and soul.

The Pranamar Spa Experience

A relaxing massage or a manicure is even better when you are beachside, and that is the Pranamar Spa experience. The sound of the waves is a relaxing background to your spa therapy that helps you to unwind and take in the moment. The beauty specialists there are always looking for new trends and their manicures are innovative and therapeutic. And let’s be honest, there is nothing better than a hand massage to relax your body and soul.

Pranamar Spa has a variety of beachside spa treatments to complement the Santa Teresa experience. You may prefer a holistic massage for soothing sore muscles from surfing or yoga, a focused treatment to restore motion and flexibility, or an acupressure therapy session to rebalance your Yin-Yang energy.

Pranamar Spa is dedicated to inspiring “renewal and joy” through health, wellness, and relaxation, with skilled and professional staff helping to enhance this perfect environment to renew your mind, body and soul. Where better to achieve this than by the beach surrounded by tropical spaces: the definition of paradise.

Reserve your vacation at Pranamar Villas and Yoga Retreat today for a truly amazing experience. And remember to reserve your Spa treatments and manicures by the sea too!