sun-surf-Shala-spa-Santa Teresa

sun-surf-Shala-spa-Santa Teresa
Embrace the sun, surf, Shala and spa in Santa Teresa

Sun, surf, shala, and spa at Pranamar Oceanfront Villas in the amazing off-the-beaten-track of Santa Teresa is a vacation dream come true. After months of confinement and as we just are beginning to understand the new way of doing many things, including travel, the question arises where to go?  So, does relaxing on one of the world’s most beautiful beaches with some of the best waves around after a yoga session in the Shala and just before a paradisiacal massage at the Gaía Spa sound right?

Let´s see how Santa Teresa can work sun, surf, Shala, and spa into your vacation in Costa Rica that has been given the seal of approval as a safe destination by the World Travel & Tourism Council.   This means you can relax under the palm trees and take in the beauty of Santa Teresa with peace of mind that you are traveling in a country that has been deemed safe.

It certainly is reassuring that Costa Rica has the seal of “Safe Travels Stamp” which is where the bar is set for the new normal for travel.

Sun-surf-Shala-spa-Santa Teresa
Sun is a 12 hour daily companion at Santa Teresa

1. Sun at Pranamar, Santa Teresa

Costa Rica is located in the tropical belt just north of the equator. This means you have lots of sun, warm weather on the coasts, and lots of palm trees to sit under at midday while sipping on cold coconut water, green smoothie, or even a refreshing beer.

The sun appears around 5:30 am and begins its descent beyond the horizon about 5:30 pm so that means you have 12 hours of sun a day. Every day is a sun day at Santa Teresa which is pretty special for the sun worshippers, the early risers, and the romantic sunset lovers.

So, the sun at Santa Teresa plays an important part in your day. Lying by the spectacular river-inspired pool at Pranamar is one way of enjoying the sun, or exploring the natural beauty of the rock pools or sitting out on your Bali-inspired verandah mesmerized by the suns rays as they seep through the lush vegetation.

Surf at Santa Teresa is for everyone

2. Surf at Pranamar, Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa is a favorite for surfers and a fantastic surf-culture has developed in this little yet very cosmopolitan sea-side town.

There is a surf place for all levels and for the true beginners, you can even take a surf lesson that will have you standing up on the board pretty much guaranteed.  Pranamar can organize your lesson so when you get here, you can choose when to through spirit to the waves and push your comfort zone boundaries.

The region known as Santa Teresa has several great surf spots so check out our blog with some information about surf.  Click here:  It will give you the rundown on where the surf´s up so you can come prepared with your to-surf list ready.

The Pranamar Yoga Shala welcomes you to its community

3. Shala at Santa Teresa

Pranamar Oceanfront Villas and Yoga Retreat has what could well be the most beautiful yoga Shala in Santa Teresa and maybe Costa Rica.   It is also very welcoming and invites you to connect and enjoy the present.

As its name implies, yoga is an important part of the Pranamar Experience and offers daily yoga sessions as well as yoga retreats during the year.  The yoga Shala takes center stage on the property making it a special place to retreat too and to enjoy.

One of the most significant reasons, the Pranamar in-house yogis have made Costa Rica and Santa Teresa their home is it´s proximity to nature and you will understand why when staying at Pranamar.

sun-surf-shala-spa-santa teresa
Amazing spa treaments in Santa Teresa

4. Spa at Santa Teresa

It is only natural that Pranamar will have a bodywork and wellness center in the form of a spa with a variety of amazing treatments to enjoy and embrace to refresh, restore, and renew.

With a multi-disciplinary team of qualified therapists and bodyworkers, a massage or a focused treatment is the ultimate benefit for your mind, body, and soul.

It goes without saying that these amazing treatments in the hands of experts are complemented with 100% organic oils and lotions that are made in Costa Rica.

So, relax to the sounds of the waves and feel the sea breeze on your skin as you treat yourself to a therapeutic treatment at Gaia Spa during your stay at Pranamar.

Sun, surf, Shala, and spa in Santa Teresa.  The perfect safe destination to welcome back the freedom of travel. Pranamar looks forward to hearing from you to secure your vacation dates! See you soon!

Written by Georgia Atkin