Santa Teresa has been a popular surfing spot for many years and like so many other great places, it is off the beaten track and was a well-known secret for many keen wave-riders back in the day. Nowadays, it is definitely on the surfers “must go to” list and around the surf culture, the town has grown into a trendy, cosmopolitan epicenter where multi-cultural is an understatement.  So, let´s discover where the Surf´s Up at Santa Teresa, Costa Rica…..

Santa Teresa is located on the southern corner of Costa Rica´s  Nicoya Peninsula.  Getting there is part of the fun but once you do, you won´t want to leave. This happens regularly to many visitors from all over the world who end up staying and just living the dream. This is a really beautiful place.

Surfing is a great way to make new friends too!

Surf´s Up and Yoga in Santa Teresa

Surfing is a very popular hobby and pastime for many of the permanents and temporaries and bikes and boards are probably the two main forms of transport in this part of the world.   The surf culture mixes in perfectly with the equally popular yoga culture.  Pranamar Oceanfront Villas and Yoga Retreat is your perfect home away from home while you stay in Santa Teresa.

The beauty of surfing in Santa Teresa is that while popular, there are lots of great surf spots in the area and it is for amateurs and professionals alike.   The recommendation is that you surf during the low currents as the waves are faster so hold on for some fun riding the waves.

The perfect combination. Surf and Board

Surf´s Up Spot Breakdown

  • Suck Rock: Known as one of the most legendary surf breaks in the area, it is also called Rocamar.  Its claim to fame is its right-hand point break which are good when there are good swells.  This spot is where the waves get pretty big.

There is a rocky point that you can walk out onto at low tide and take some really great surf action photos too!

  • La Lora Surf Spot: This spot is popular because of the regularity of the waves and the beach is beautiful. Long, white sanded, and no rocks.

Because of all these fantastic characteristics, this spot is where most of the surf competitions occur

  • Mar Azul, Malpais: This is a great surfing spot with a great break with an easy wave. It is quite rocky, so it is best surfed at high tide when the swell is big too!

A great thing about this spot is that it is a bit under the radar as Santa Teresa and Playa Carmen are more popular.

  • Playa Hermosa

Playa Hermosa is well-deserving of its name which means beautiful.  It is also a great place to surf and check out as it is rarely visited.  Most surfers and beach-bums prefer the Santa Teresa beach area where there is more action on and off the beach.

This beach is where the surf schools have set up shop too.

  • Playa Carmen

This is an all-year-round fantastic surf spot on an amazing stretch of white sand beach between Mal Pais and Santa Teresa.  It is a great place for beginners as the riptides aren´t as strong so the waves aren´t either.

This is also where most of the restaurants and bars are so if you are not having fun on your board, you will be busy socializing or mingling at least.

The perfect place to stay for surf and yoga

The perfect stay at Santa Teresa

If you would like to truly get away in Santa Teresa, Pranamar Oceanfront Villas and Yoga Retreat is perfection! Conveniently not far from the main strip, you have the beauty of the white-sand beach with Playa Hermosa just minutes away, the chance to surf, swim in the rock pools and so some snorkel exploring and don´t forget your yoga in the beautiful Bali-inspired Shala.

Now the international airport is re-opening on the 1st August with flights from Canada, UK, and continental Europe scheduled in the first wave of arrivals, take advantage of the fantastic promotions Pranamar has for early-bird reservations.  Check out the yoga retreats too.  There is a surf and yoga retreat planned for November!!  See you soon!

Article by Georgia Atkin