Pranamar Villas have their own outdoor showers in the villas

Article by Georgia Atkin

After a day on a tropical beach, where you may have tried some surfing, done lots of swimming and sunbathing, to get back to the privacy of your room and treat yourself to an open-air shower is next to heavenly. This means you can still enjoy the spectacular sights and sounds of Santa Teresa even while having a shower.  Pranamar Oceanfront Villas and Yoga Retreat have thought of it all to ensure your time in beautiful Costa Rica is as close to nature possible in an eco-luxury way.

Pranamar Villas believes that vacations should be times to live experiences that you normally wouldn`t and to escape your comfort zone.  So, when you are staying at an amazing resort that’s backyard is one of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica, an open-air shower in your room is like bringing the outside in.

Treat yourself to Pranamar Villas at Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa is the perfect getaway during your visit to Costa Rica.  Off the beaten track, this little beachside town thrives on international diversity, Costa Rican style nature, white-sanded beaches, great food, yoga retreats and is a surfer’s paradise too. All this snuggled into the far southern corner of the Nicoya Peninsula that is embraced by the vast Pacific Ocean.

Pranamar Villas sit on the beautiful beach and receive the ocean breezes and the sun’s rays that slip through the rainforest laden gardens playing with the leaves shadows. This is the place to go to be at one with nature in the most harmonious way possible.  It is fitting that even the shower allows you to appreciate your beachside experience.

Bring the outside in at Pranamar Villas

Treat yourself to a shower inspired by the beach

An open-air shower in your beautiful villa is just one of the many unique experiences Pranama Villas beautifully offers you during your stay. As Alain de Botton, author of The Architecture of Happiness said: “Any time we take something we normally do indoors and do it out of doors, there is a thrill…”.

Pranamar has taken inspiration from the beach and the mountains and its surroundings to create striking, Balinese inspired experiences that give you the opportunity to feel at one with nature in the privacy of your bathroom with its open-air shower concept.  At this custom-built property to guarantee fun, relaxation, adventure in an eco-luxury concept, even the daily task of bathing is part of the adventure.

It is of no surprise that the beautiful open-air garden showers are part of the Pranamars beachside, open-air tropical style concept rooms that the property offers.  Each room is decorated allowing for the fresh eternal summer breezes from the sea that flow through the French doors and around the terraces that embrace them.  No detail has been overlooked to ensure your stay is as comfortable and refreshing as possible.

Out-door showers are for everyone

Pranamar Villas caters to all types of travelers, from the honeymooners to families with children and yoga lovers. The lodge`s different villas and bungalows work for all parties and let`s not forget all the adventure activities and tours you can do while visiting Santa Teresa.

The outdoor shower works perfectly for the romantics, the adventurous and the free-spirited, regardless of age. What better way to get the kids in the shower after a day at the beach than an outdoor one?   Pranamar Villas likes to think that the outdoor shower is a continuation of the fun and adventurous activities you will have done during your day at paradise.

As one of our guests recently said about the outdoor showers “The first-floor bathroom was amazing the outdoor shower was my favorite I took a shower every day because it was so relaxing.”  We agree that this is one of the best times of the day at Pranamar.

Santa Teresa sunsets are the best.

Treat yourself to Santa Teresas Sunsets

The other favorite activity at Santa Teresa that you can do before or after that amazing outdoor shower experience is the Santa Teresa sunset spectacle.  Pick up a juice or a cocktail from the Kavita Restaurant Bar and head down to the beach for the best sunset in the world. It is the most breathtaking view possible and Santa Teresa beach fills with visitors and residents alike to inhale such beauty and when time stands still.

Whether you are swimming in the pool, having a dip in the ocean or an outdoor shower while you are in, Pranamar Villas at Santa Teresa ensures you can do either or all effortlessly and in the beauty of this sun-kissed property. The closeness of these relaxing possibilities means you are just steps away from the sights and sounds of this little corner of paradise in Costa Rica.

So, when are you coming to visit?  Send us a line or better still, book online and we will see you soon!