Article by Georgia Atkin

Pranamar Oceanfront Villas is located on one of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica and this is one of the main attractions for many travelers and surfers exploring this beautiful little country and the Nicoya Peninsula.  This fantastic property also is a favorite for yoga lovers and for yoga retreats thanks to its beachside location that adds sea breezes and harmony.   So, we have yoga and surf, let`s see what else  Santa Teresa holds!

Let`s start at the very beginning here! Getting to Santa Teresa is part of the adventure as you can take a ferry across the beautiful Gulf of Nicoya where you can spot lots of birdlife, an array of islands, the dynamic coast and the sway of the soft tides.  This ferry leaves from the picturesque and historical beachside city of Puntarenas that was Costa Rica`s first-holiday destination back in the 19th Century.

So, after a scenic drive along the inner coastline of the Gulf of Nicoya, you arrive at the paradisiacal and busy Santa Teresa that runs parallel to the beautiful beach where surfers and sun-worshippers congregate and flourish riding the waves, mastering their Cobra and Tree poses while inhaling the Santa Teresa beach vibe.

Let`s have a look at other activities that you can enjoy at Santa Teresa:

  1. Horseback Riding Tour

This is a fantastic opportunity to feel the Nicoya Peninsula cowboy culture which is an important part of the Guanacaste province’s history and livelihood.   Explore the tropical dry forest and the savannas that are home to many cattle farms and see another side to Costa Rica that is just as beautiful as it`s beaches.

You will be taken to a working cattle ranch and on your horse, you will be able to immerse yourself into new landscapes with rivers, mountains, and beaches and truly get a sense of its story and importance.

While there is a morning and an afternoon tour, the latter also includes the signature sunset spectacle that never disappoints.

We-have-yoga-surf-what-else-Santa Teresa Beach-holds
Cover some cowboy country horseback
  1. Stand Up Paddling

If you would like to stay by the water but surfing isn`t the option for whatever reason, why not try what has become a really popular water activity; Stand Up Paddling! This means you have the board and the beach which is always a hit.  Add an oar to the mix and a great all-body workout and you are ready to explore the coastline and its amazing views.

You will have a class first to learn the tricks and the great thing is that it is a fit for any level. After understanding the technique and the basics, it`s time to take charge of the oar and the board and begin to glide through the water.

This is an early morning or late afternoon activity which means you have lots of time to fit in the beach, yoga or just relaxing at the river-like pool that runs down the middle of Pranamar Villas.

  1. Day Trip to Montezuma

This little beachside town is around the coastal corner from Santa Teresa and it is full of character and is bustling with street stalls and local artisans selling their wares. Unlike Santa Teresa that stretches along the beach, Montezuma is smaller and compacted into a couple of streets making it feel busier.

The great thing about visiting Montezuma is that you get to enjoy an alternative to the relaxed, trendy Santa Teresa vibe. Montezuma is more hippy-like and an interesting change of pace and style that is always fun to experience.

Montezuma has some interesting things going on including a turtle protection program that you can even volunteer for.  The Romelia Sea Turtle Conservation Program helps to protect not only the turtles nesting grounds but also the hatching process.

We-have-yoga-surf-what-else-Santa Teresa Beach-holds
Do some exploring of the Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve
  1. Guided Cabo Blanco Nature Hike

Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve was Costa Rica`s first protected area and was the first step in Costa Rica`s extensive national park system.  Put on some walking shoes and do some exploring of this small yet significant protected corner of the Nicoya Peninsula.

This is a tour for nature lovers or with a desire to do some adventure with their feet on the ground.  In this little corner, you will find dry and tropical rainforests which means you will get to see lots of wildlife including birds, reptiles, mammals and insects galore.

Depending on your interest and stamina, you can choose from a fun 2-hour walk or for the more adventurous, there is a 5.5-hour walk that will push your energy and physical capabilities to higher limits.  But, with the fantastic views and the sense of satisfaction, this is a favorite for many.

Pranamar Villas will be more than happy to fix you a delicious picnic lunch is you decide to take the long version of this amazing tour!

We-have-yoga-surf-what-else-Santa Teresa Beach-holds
How about a full-body workout with SUP!
  1. Canopy Tour

Santa Teresa and its surroundings offer the perfect conditions for a great zip lining experience.  Lush forests, hills and amazing views, you have the key elements for one of Costa Rica`s signature adventure activities that never disappoints.

Choose whether you want to fly through the forest canopy in the morning or the afternoon depending on what other plans you have to fill your sunny day at Pranamar Villas.  Whatever the hour, be prepared for some real fun and a must during your stay in beautiful Costa Rica.

This fun tour is set in the tropical dry forest just by the Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve and will give you amazing views of the coastal areas and the majestic Pacific Ocean.  Divided by 11 platforms, you will travel over a mile along the different stretches of lines that run over creeks, canyons, and forest. This is an adrenaline rush for even the most adventurous.

So, when are you coming to Santa Teresa and Pranamar Villas? There is so much to do. Mix and match your yoga and surf with a whole lot of other possibilities that make this favorite destination in Costa Rica so very popular! See you soon.