Por Shannon Farley de Encantador Costa Rica

A crimson sun slowly dips into the violet-blue sea. Streamers of pink and orange streak across the wide, deepening blue sky. Coconut palms bow lightly in the breeze. You and your beloved are there on the soft sand promising your love and commitment, exchanging rings and kisses.Costa Rica beaches are top wedding destination

Suena como boda de sus sueños? It easily can be.

Costa Rica has become one of the premiere locations for destination weddings in the world. Its fabulously gorgeous beaches, exuberante selva tropical, friendly people and abundance of hotels, resorts and vacation homes ranging from over-the-top luxury to relaxed and informal all combine to make this tiny Central American nation the place to be wed.

You’ve always wanted to travel there. Why not combine your wedding and honeymoon destination and make it one big party with your family and friends? Or go even simpler … just you and your sweetheart sharing the intimacy of a private “elopement” ceremony. Sea cual sea su deseo de boda, it can come true in Costa Rica. A nice plus is that citizens from any other country can get legally married in Costa Rica and have it be valid in their home country.

Fabulous tropical weddings in Costa Rica. Whether you plan a big “fiesta” or keep it small and intimate, a “must-have” for your destination wedding is a professional planner. It’s hard enough trying to design a party or event where you live, let alone in a completely different country. A wedding planner takes all of that stress away from you and leaves you to simply dream and have it happen.

“This is one of the most important days of your life, so you should entrust a professional to take complete care of every little detail,” says Aimee Monihan, owner of Tropical Occasions and Santa Teresa Beach Weddings. Their professional team of event coordinators enthusiastically helps you create your dream wedding from start to finish, and has handled more than 700 events in Costa Rica; beach weddings are their specialty.

One of Costa Rica’s secluded gems for weddings and honeymoons is Santa Teresa Beach is perfect for weddings on the Pacific’s Nicoya Peninsula. Santa Teresa is the perfect backdrop for a romantic wedding. La amplia, playas de arena de luz, exuberante vegetación y espectaculares puestas de sol establecen una etapa increíble para su momento mágico. The leisurely-paced town of surfers and fishermen offers many boutique hotels for your idyllic setting.

An excellent choice is Pranamar Oceanfront Villas & Retiro de yoga, ganador de la 2012 Premio a la elección del viajero de Trip Advisor. Pranamar Villas es un magnífico, intimate oceanfront hotel with luxury two-story villas built around a free-form saltwater pool and tropical gardens, luxurious beachfront villas and tropical bungalows. Picture tropical Indonesian architecture designs with bamboo, maderas duras, piedra, agua y un montón de ventanas y puertas en alquiler en brisa fresca del mar. The hotel’s name “Pranamar” is a combination of the word “Prana” which means “breath” in Sanskrit, and “Mar” which is “sea” in Spanish.

Extraordinary weddings at Pranamar VillasPranamar specializes in extraordinarily beautiful beach weddings, with their own on-site coordinator to help you make your wedding the day you’ve always dreamed of having. De abundantes flores tropicales a los alimentos y las bebidas única atendidos, they’ll take care of it all. The beautifully designed open-air restaurant and tea lounge specializes in healthy, delicious cuisine. El hotel puede dormir 30-35 huéspedes; teniendo todo el edificio para su partido garantiza una total privacidad.

So if you’re thinking to combine your wedding, luna de miel y vacaciones, como es la tendencia cada vez mayor, keep Costa Rica at the top of your list.