Although I am an American citizen, I am also a legal resident of Costa Rica for about 30 years. My grandchildren were born here…this is our home. It has been an amazing journey for me and now my heart aches for EVERY human being on the planet. I hope that this letter finds you safe and sound and free of illness. If the COVID 19 has affected your immediate family I extend the sincerest wish that they will recover. We are ONE planet, ONE world and ONE human race. When one suffers, we all suffer.

I want you all to know that my employees are my family. Without them, I could never have been successful …and their friendships are vital to my happiness! So with this new crisis we are employing everyone at a much reduced time schedule….we made this decision by vote and I love that everyone of the employees wanted EVERYONE to have money for food. That is a real family! I will do this until tourism returns.

So with all this time and no guests, we are doing some amazing cleaning….stuff that one rarely has time for…..and it’s because we intend to open up with a fresh feeling! We dont want you to be afraid to come to Costa Rica! Our president has been so proactive in this dilemma; our beaches, restaurants, yoga centers, bars, gyms…all are closed down. We are practicing serious social distancing and at the same time, looking out for members of our community who are really struggling. That is what FAMILIES do.

If you have been a guest here or attended a yoga retreat here you know that we truly CARE. We are gearing up for a great season ahead and my mission was to simply calm your nerves about visiting Costa Rica! As soon as the world is traveling again….we will be ready and able and damn excited to serve you a welcome drink and a hug!

If you have concerns or questions, feel free to contact the hotel. Email us..and if you want me to personally address something…just say so in your email and my beautiful staff will forward directly to me.

Costa Rica AND PRANAMAR send you all love, compassion , strength and hope. We see the light in the dark…and its going to shine brighter than ever!

Love to you all,

Susan Money, owner

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