Massages at Pranamar Villas

Daily life impacts our body in many ways. Although we can easily become tired, stressed, anxious, and exhausted, we seldom take the time to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of relaxing massage. Massage benefits the mind, body and spirit by relaxing taut muscles, increasing circulation, aiding in lymphatic drainage, releasing toxins, easing stress, and benefiting your whole self in many positive ways. Any of our massage treatments may be received as a full body therapy or for specific areas. 60 or 90 minute sessions are available.


Relieves tension, reduces muscle contraction and soothes sore muscles by increasing energy flow and range of motion. Using gentle to medium pressure, many techniques are integrated. You will leave this session feeling nourished, relaxed and balanced.

$85 – 60 min / $125 – 90 min

Deep Tissue:

Therapeutic massage that is strong and concentrated, releasing deeply-held patterns of muscular contraction. Muscles and fascia are opened and lengthened and you will feel a deep level of realignment in your body and mind.
$85 – 60 min / $125 – 90 min

Myofascial Release:

Slow and gentle, this massage has profound effects on your body’s tissues. Fascia is the web of dense tissue that covers all of your muscles and bones. These techniques relieve muscles from the abnormal grip of tight fascia. You will feel a new sense of balance and freedom in your body.

$85 – 60 min / $125 – 90 min

Pregnancy Massage:

Tailored specifically to the needs of pregnant women and their changing bodies, this massage aims to relax muscle tension, relieve swelling in joints, improve lymphatic and blood circulation, and nurture Mom and Baby. After the first trimester (or during, if preferred), side lying position with special pillows is utilized for ultimate comfort.

$85 – 60 min / $125 – 90 min


Originating in ancient India at the time of the Buddha, Thai massage involves stretching, twisting and pressing your body into a blissful state while aligning your body’s energy. For this massage, you will wear comfortable clothes and be relaxing on a soft mat on the floor.

$85 – 60 min / $125 – 90 min

Couple’s Massage:

Two persons share a room, each with a different therapist. Couples can include partners, sisters, brothers, fathers, sons, moms, daughters, and friends. The opportunity to experience relaxation with someone you are close to is a great way to connect and decompress. Choose from any of our massage modalities. Couple’s massage makes a great gift for anniversaries, holidays, or any special occasion you would like to share.

$170 – 60 min / $250 – 90 min